Package: gopass
Version: 1.15.13
Priority: optional
Architecture: amd64
Maintainer: Gopass Authors <>
Installed-Size: 18292
Depends: git, gnupg
Recommends: rng-tools, bash-completion
Description: gopass password manager - full featured CLI replacement for pass, designed for teams.
 gopass is a simple but powerful password manager for your terminal. It is a
 Pass implementation in Go that can be used as a drop in replacement.
 Every secret lives inside of a gpg (or: age) encrypted textfile. These secrets
 can be organized into meaninful hierachies and are by default versioned using
 This package contains the main gopass binary from In Debian and
 Ubuntu there is an unfortunate name clash with another gopass package. That is
 completely different and not related to this package.