Package: sanoid
Version: 2.0.3-4
Architecture: all
Maintainer: Michael Jeanson <>
Installed-Size: 180
Depends: perl:any, pv, lzop, mbuffer, zfs-fuse | zfsutils-linux | zfsutils, libconfig-inifiles-perl, libcapture-tiny-perl
Section: admin
Priority: optional
Description: Policy-driven ZFS snapshot management and replication tool
 Sanoid is a policy-driven snapshot management and replication tool for ZFS
 More prosaically, you can use Sanoid to create, automatically thin, and
 monitor snapshots and pool health from a single eminently human-readable
 TOML config file. Sanoid also includes a replication tool, syncoid, which
 facilitates the asynchronous incremental replication of ZFS filesystems.